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This blog is a resource for vegan options available in the metro Phoenix area... both vegan restaurants and "normal" restaurants that have easily customizable vegan options!

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So glad I discovered this blog! Thanks so much and keep up the great work!
veganinaz veganinaz Said:

Thanks!!! I’m glad you find the blog helpful!! :)

If you haven’t heard, Green New American Vegetarian (both Phoenix and Tempe locations) have a new menu.. Pictured is the “Big Wac” and other notable additions are the Wendy’s Pickle Chicken Sandwich, and Alfredo Bowl, a Lemon Pesto Bowl, a BBQ Bacon Burger, a Cajun Pita, and a kids menu with Mac n Cheese, nuggets, and quesadillas… AMAZING additions!

I feel pretty lame that today was the first time I ever found myself at Scratch Pastries (Indian School & Miller in Scottsdale) because I’ve heard amazing things about it forever but had some unsubstantiated assumption that it wouldn’t have a thing vegan.

Actually, there are 5 vegan items on the menu in addition to salads that can be made vegan. They have a portabela burger, a vegan veggie burger (pictured), a creamy asparagus and a tomato bisque soup, and a vegan salad with tofu and flax.

They also have soy milk, a wide variety of coffees, and beer & wine! I had a lovely glass of Cupcake “red velvet” with my burger and was extremely satisfied!

For non-veggies, they have burgers, sandwiches, salads & soups, and breakfast items like crepes and eggs Benedict.

This place is a cute lunch spot for friends or for a date. Great service. Very vegan friendly (they even have “V” next to vegan items on the menu).

I have to say that Pizza Heaven may be THE most accommodating non-vegan restaurant I’ve been to, and now they have a special separate menu for vegans with 2 appetizers, pasta dishes, sandwiches, pizzas, and even dessert!

I’ve had a variety of the pizzas, the ziti, both appetizers, and the dessert and everything is fantastic. I really like the cheese they use (99% sure it’s Follow Your Heart)

The owners are incredibly friendly, as are the staff, and everyone is really knowledgeable about their vegan options.

I HIGHLY recommend checking this place out. Great for families, lunch or dinner, dates, or for takeout/delivery.

Located north of Camelback on 7th Street.

Cafe Rio has 2 valley locations; Gilbert and at the Camelback Town & Country, and is similar to that of Chipotle, but a little more authentic Mexican.

You can choose a burrito, salad, bowl, tacos, etc and you move along the line selecting the items you want.

The black beans are vegan as well as the tortillas and the vinaigrette for the salads.

The staff is very knowledgeable about what is veggie friendly and what is not. Note: the tomatillo salsa has chicken stock in it which is VERY boo

They have a really delicious mint limeade that is worth a try as well! for more deets.

The last meat I ate was exactly 18 years ago; in September 1994.

Back then, the only “vegetarian” option was a powder from a box that you mixed with water to form a patty. It was terrible.

Today, if you want something as a vegan, you can find it. Mainstream stores carry a variety of items in the fresh, frozen, and boxed sections. There are stores filled to the brim with everything from vegan clothes to pregnancy supplements to flavored cream cheese.

While we certainly still have a battle ahead of us, there has been a lot of progress in the veggie arena the past 20 years and I think it’s great. Just think of how much further ahead we will be in another 20.  :-)

If you have not heard of Tedibertos on Roosevelt Row, stop what you are doing and GO NOW.

The food is absolutely amazing, but you will have to make some sacrifice in the service department. They are slow and not especially friendly, but the wait is worth it. The quesadilla has a fried shell versus a typical soft shell and is absolutely out of this world. The nachos are another amazing choice and I enjoyed the tacos but prefer the other two items.

Everything is 100% vegan and gluten free and they have some spectacular dessert options as well. They don’t have a sign up yet, but they are at 1st Street and Roosevelt next to The Nash. Purple building.

Facebook: for hours, specials, and suchB

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How do you keep your protein levels up being a vegan?
veganinaz veganinaz Said:

I find protein to be the least of my worries as a vegan. Adults in the U.S. are encouraged to get 10% to 35% of their day’s calories from protein foods. That’s about 46 grams of protein for women, and 56 grams of protein for men. Beans, veggie burgers, tofu, and other substitutes have 10-15g each. A cup of soy milk is 7g. Even bread has a few grams. A normal scoop of vegan protein for a protein shake is around 24g… so as you can see, it really isn’t that hard to get what you need :-)

finding this blog literally just made my life. thanks so much!
veganinaz veganinaz Said:

I’m so happy to hear that! Sounds like I need to get back to posting!